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512 Big Block

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512 Big Block

I started out with 2 400 blocks which I found on Craigslist. Both were standard bore and appeared fine... Until I had them sonic tested. Both had a couple of  thin cylinders. Instead of sleeving the old blocks and hoping for the best, I decided to go all out and purchase a new Indymaxx block. Hopefully it will be with me for a long time to come.

The stroker kit is from 440 Source. The pistons are for a 4.375 bore and the compression will be 13.5:1 Rods are upgraded I-beams with ARP bolts. The kit is supposed to be rated to 1000hp, well over the 650 I'm shooting for.

Cylinder heads are also from 440 Source. I picked up a set of their Stealth heads which I am fitting with Crane valve springs, retainers and locks. The cam is a Crane solid roller with .630 lift. Cam will be driven by a Milodon Gear Drive.

Indymaxx Aluminum Block Indy Maxx Aluminum Big Block Mopar

Indymaxx Lowdeck Mopar Block

512 installed for mock up
Set in chassis for mock up

Hooker Super Comp Headers
Hooker Fenderwell Headers

Hooker Super Comp Headers

Aluminum Master Cylinder and Heat Shield
Master cylinder heat shield

Master Cylinder Heat Shield Aluminum Radiator and Chevy HHR fan installed for mock up Motor plate mount
Engine plate mounts

Engine plate mounted
AR Engineering engine plate

Milodon Gear Drive
Milodon cam gear drive

Crankshaft installed

Machine work at Duffee Motorsports -Phoenix, AZ

440 Source "Stealth" cylinder heads

440 Source Stealth Cylinder Head


Windage tray

Assembled short block

Harland Sharp Rocker Arms
Harland Sharp rocker arms - Mopar M1 manifold

Completed 512 Big Block
Finished long block

512 big block stroker in Dodge Dart
Beginning of under hood plumbing



Priming the oiling system

Dropping the engine in 
June 2010


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